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About Us

Laity who love our priests and the rosary. We are friends and fellow Catholics. We are the ones next to you in the pew. We are not sponsored by any group — in fact we come from many groups within the church you will have heard of. We all agreed recently that the laity should come together in this way as Rosary for Priests: in encouragement, solidarity, thanksgiving, obedience, and love. We don’t seek or want any credit — all the credit is due Our Lord and our priests in this effort.

Unity is our mentality. We have all agreed to put to the side our very-valued identifications with various groups which we are members of to stand together as one group of laity. Like the motto of the United States of America (e pluribus unum “from many, one”) we are many diverse people coming together at this time for a singular intention: to pray the rosary for our priests. Will you join us?

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