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How To?

How to set up a Rosary for Priests prayer service in your diocese?

Setting up a Rosary for Priests prayer service in your diocese takes three steps:

1. Notify your diocese of your request to pray for priests June 18 on the steps of the cathedral

2. Produce flyers and emails with the location of your cathedral

3. Invite friends, family, fellow parishioners, people who you know are devoted to the rosary and priests

We pray on the steps of our cathedrals, and not inside, to symbolize how much we need our priests for participation in the church – we can do very little without them.

Please follow any instructions given to you by your diocese. We do this to honor them.

Please follow the guidelines lists in the Rosary for Priests FAQs. This is NOT a political or advocacy event. Therefore no signs. This is a humble prayer service by the laity for our priests. Bring your rosary and a contrite heart.

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