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What is it?
Lay people publicly praying the rosary together for our priests. A love letter from the laity.

Because we love them.
Because the Year for Priests concludes on June 19, 2010. Because prayer is the best thing we can do for anyone, including ourselves. Because we can all pray more. Because we can all appreciate our priests more. Because they have done so much for us without thanks or appreciation or even acknowledgement and sometimes worse. Because without them we cannot get to heaven.

What is the purpose of the Rosary for Priests?
Prayer and appreciation.
It is NOT political, not intellectual, not structural, not commentary and not advocacy. This is a spiritual activity, a prayer service. Please make certain to conduct yourself accordingly.

Why the Rosary?
It is the highest form of prayer which can be initiated by the laity alone.
Some say, that after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Eucharistic adoration and the other Sacraments, the Most Holy Rosary is a good candidate for being next in line for gaining “maximum graces.” Since this act is a gift from us the laity to our priests, it seems only fitting that we give them the best. It is also a reminder of how little we can do without them and their participation in the Priesthood of Christ. And because Our Lady especially loves the rosary.

Can I bring something?
Yes, your rosary and a contrite heart and a friend or family member.
As this is a prayer service you should “travel light” materially as well as physically. This is not a political or activist activity and therefore: no signs. No advocacy. Let “the Advocate” speak for you through your humble prayers. Advocacy or opinion or anything not keeping with a thanksgiving prayer service are not welcome and are better suited to different occasions. Please respect this request.

Are children welcome?
Children and families are not only welcome, but encouraged to attend.
Some say the prayers of children and families carry special weight in the eyes of God. Let’s give our priests the best. We will be outside so do not worry about noise or fidgeting.

What if I can’t make it?
Pray the rosary for your priest anyway. God and His Grace are not bound to time and space. Your prayer for priests, alone, with a group at your parish, together with your family at home, before or after Mass will not go to waste. The Holy Spirit guarantees it.

Anything else?
Have you thanked your priest or any priest? Whether you can make it June 19 or not, have you said, “Thank you” in person or in writing to your priest or any priest you encounter? They have given their very life for Christ, His Church, and your very soul. They are human and they make mistakes, and they have emotions and they go through very hard times, just like (or worse than) you do. Have you said thank you to a priest?

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