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Rosary for Priests covered on EWTN’s “Open Line”

The word is spreading about Rosary for Priests, with the latest coverage coming on EWTN Radio’s popular “Open Line” program. On June 1, 2010, Host Barbara McGuigan interviewed Cyrus Johnson from the Rosary for Priests team about this exciting independent effort by the laity to support and thanks our priests. Johnson explained, “This is not a political act or act of advocacy. It is a spiritual act; an act of love and support for our Reverend Fathers.” McGuigan expressed great enthusiasm for the project and promised to invite Rosary for Priests back on the show for followup before the upcoming prayer rallies scheduled for Saturday, June 19 at 10am.

You can listen to the recorded show, or download a podcast, by clicking here and scrolling down to Barbara’s show on June 1.

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